Still admits preparation for Red Devils tie has been difficult

John Still
John Still

Hatters boss John Still conceded that scouting tonight’s opponents Crawley Town has proved difficult with both side’s expected to make changes.

Still and his Red Devils counterpart John Gregory revealed in their pre-match press conferences, they would alter their starting line-ups from Saturday as the Town chief said: “This is the difficult thing as you don’t know what changes they’re going to make but we have watched them and we’ve got all the information we need on them.

“It does become a bit difficult as you can look at strengths and weaknesses, but the strength and weaknesses may not be as evident when your players may be different.

“They will change certain things that they do, but we’ll most certainly have a look at it and whatever they pick, we’ll be ready for it.”

Still has come against both Crawley and Gregoy in the past thogh as he continued: “Crawley as a club I know very well. They’ve got a good experienced manager in John Gregory and they’re a club that sort of had a big splash a few years ago.

“They have tried to consolidate their position ever since, so they’re not a club who has always been a do have, they’ve been a don’t have and probably levelled out a bit now to where they are now.

“I think they had some heavy investment in the club, but they’ve always struck me as a well run, well organised football club and I look forward to the game.”

Still also thinks a clash against League One opposition can only improve his players as he added: “One of my sayings to players when we have what might be termed as big games is that playing against better teams in big games and against top players makes you as a player better and you as a team better.

“We’re playing against a team from a level above us that will have some good players. But that should make some of our players better players and make us a better team, so it should be a really good game.”

Crawley manager Gregory admitted he had been impressed with Town’s start to the season and thinks this meeting could well be a league clash next term.

He added: “They’re a good team Luton. I’ve been fortunate enough to see them over the last couple of seasons and certainly since John Still has gone in there.

“John has got them playing some really good football. They were phenomenal at home, they’re a good team, good club and they’re really making themselves known this season in League Two.

“They probably were a bit indifferent in the first couple of results, but since then they’ve slowly moved up.

“Keep an eye on them I think, there’s a good chance they could get up our of that division and possibly join us in League One.”