Still believes reality check could secure Johnson signing

Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson

Hatters boss John Still is hope that a reality check might persuade former England international Andrew Johnson to become a Luton Town player.

The 33-year-old striker has been a free agent since his release from Premier League Crystal Palace earlier this month, with Luton leading the race for his signature.

However, Johnson is yet to decide if he definitely wants to continue with his playing career yet as Still said: “We met for the first time the agent of Andrew Johnson and it was the same discussion we’ve had with him.

“We’re really waiting for Andrew to come to us, because he’s the one who has to decide whether he wants to play.

“From our point of view, it’s like when the summer comes and the players get a break, the first few weeks are great.

“You can go on holiday, you don’t have to train, and then all of a sudden you think, do I want to go shopping this afternoon? Do I want to cut the grass this morning? Do I want to take the kids over the park with a kite?

“Not all the time, not every day I don’t and that’s when the reality sometimes sets in. I think that’s what we’re waiting for, that realism, this is what life’s going to be.”

Johnson has made no secret he would like to move into coaching as well, but although open to the idea, Still wants to make sure the striker was a player first.

He added: “I do think that he would like an involvement at a football club but before we get to what sort of involvement, we need to find out playing is part of that involvement.

“I’ve sat back from Andrew because I know where I am and know where he is.

“It’s about wanting to play with an energy, a drive, an enthusiasm to help get this club promoted.

“That’s whoever comes in. He said he wasn’t sure that playing was what he wanted to do and how we left it and how I put it to his agent, is that as far as I’m concerned, when he’s ready, he’ll say to me, yes I do, or no I don’t.

“How I see it from the meeting with the agent, we might have an answer to these sorts of things next week.”