Still believes three key factors needed for promotion

John Still
John Still

Town boss John Still believes there are three key components needed for teams to succeed in the League Two promotion battle this season.

Hatters go into this afternoon’s clash at Oxford United sitting in fourth place, with Shrewsbury, Burton and Wycombe occupying the top three slots, while Town are level on points with Southend.

Still said: “It’s the three key things for me, the team that holds their form, team that holds their nerve and the team that never gives up.

“If you have those three things in your team they’re going to be key for teams that can actually make it.

“So we have to make sure we have those things and make it.

“It is competitive, there’s some decent clubs there, decent teams. Shrewsbury from coming down have had a real go at it this year, Wycombe, who didn’t have a good year last year have had a go and had a good season.

“Burton have always been in and around there, Southend have always been in and around it, Bury have been big investors financially this year, so they’ve always been in that group with ourselves.

“I think there’s chops and changes to be had in positions between now and the end of the season.

“Our game in hand puts everyone near enough on an even keel, but there’s going to be games won, lost and drawn between that top group.”

With the season starting to enter the business stage of proceedings, Luton are well placed to record back to back promotions.

After taking seven points from three games, Still admits now that getting on another winning role is vital.

He continued: “It isn’t about just playing well now, it’s about the winning mentality.

“There’s 19 games to go, how many games do we need to win to get automatic promotion? I don’t know. But whatever it is we’ve got to find a way of doing it and the best way of doing it.

“This isn’t like at the start of the season when you don’t win a game but you can see the pattern of your game emerging.

“You’re not desperate to win games, but desperate to get your pattern right.

“We’ve got our pattern right and got through to 19 games to go.

“For a team to get promotion like we did and then have the injuries that we’ve had to attacking players, with 19 games to go, we’ve lost five games.

“I think that’s incredible I really do. With those players getting fit and the ones we’ve brought in, that’s given us a good boost at a great time.”