Still blasts Hatters approach

Hatters boss John Still blasted his side’s approach despite their come from behind 2-2 draw at Accrington Stanley on Saturday.

By Mike Simmonds
Sunday, 24th August 2014, 7:55 am
John Still
John Still

Luton trailed 2-0 after just 16 minutes, and although goals from Luke Rooney and Jake Howells drew them level by the interval, Still was far from happy.

He said: “I know that we are better than we played and the reason that we haven’t played well enough is to do with individuals not being ready for the game.

“Why that is I don’t know. It’s my responsibility, I’m the manager, so I need to do a little work on this on Monday.

“I’m not happy, I would sooner got beat 2-0 and said my side were terrific, saying they’ve got a deflected goal and keeper did terrific, flew all over the place, but I’m happy with the performance.

“But I’m really, really disappointed with how we’ve approached the game and at the end of the day it’s the manager’s responsibility, my responsibility.

“So I have to take a long hard look at myself and decide what I need to do in terms to not allow that to happen.

“Will it happen in the season, of course it will, it’s football and I understand that, but do you let allow it to happen, no you won’t.

“We have to pay a certain amount of respect (to our opposition) and our approach to the game wasn’t what I’d expect from one of my teams. The players are aware of that and we expect better.”

Still was particularly critical of his side’s defending for Stanley’s opener continuing: “Paul Connolly’s effort at passing the ball was at best I think schoolboy defending, it was shocking.

“We had possession of the ball in a good area, and thought that was really, really poor from an experienced player.

“Second goal, I don’t even look at that, that can happen to anyone, anywhere, so I put that to one side.”

Still made the brave decision to haul off Alex Lacey after 21 minutes, bringing Luke Guttridge on, and despite feeling sorry for the youngster, he felt it was his only option.

He added: “I feel for Alex Lacey. We didn’t want to play Gutts, I feel that he’s had two games and needed a rest, but we had to change just to try and do something different because I couldn’t really see a way of that easy osey way.

“We went with what we did, changing the system at Carlisle, which worked very well for us, but we didn’t make schoolboy errors against Carlisle.

“And that’s not the goals, it’s schoolboy errors, our passing was poor, tempo was poor, didn’t move the ball quick enough, our receiving of the ball when we did pass it was poor, I just thought it was a poor show in the first half.

“We want Luke Guttridge to play as many games as possible this year. We have to be careful as he’s been out for some time, but I felt it was the right time for him and so it proved.”

One positive for Still was the way his side fought to earn a point though as he added: “A am I happy with how we responded? Of course I am, because I think that shows we have something in the club you can’t buy. We have a spirit and desire to never say die, and that’s a pleasing aspect.”