Still calls for resilience at Exeter as two in-form teams go head-to-head

Hatters boss John Still has called for another resilient display from his in-form side when they take on Exeter at St James Park on Saturday.

John Still
John Still

Table-topping Luton go into the game on the back of seven straight wins in the league, but Still knows his team are up against stiff opposition in the form of Exeter – a side who have won six of their last eight league matches.

“It’s certainly going to be a tough game against a very tough opponent,” said Still. “But in this little run we’ve had, we have always done enough to get the points.

“We’ve had some good individual displays; we’ve had good defensive displays – but more than anything, we’ve been resilient.

“We haven’t got to be spectacular but we’ve got to be resilient, and we know we’ve got that little bit of quality.

“We have players to come up with the bit of quality when we need it, and we can also be hard to beat so we have to keep trying to marry those things together.

“I think that where the season is at the moment, it’s two teams who have found the right sort of form for the moment.

“But form is temporary; we’ve had this great run but it might dip. Class is permanent and whoever can hold their form is going to keep their run going.

“It might be both teams, it might be neither team, but both teams will go into this game feeling that they have a good opportunity to win.

“As long as we are positive and play our game, play our way, then we will give ourselves every chance.”

Still admitted that he was still unsure as to whether Pelly Ruddock Mpanzu, Alex Lawless or Charlie Walker would be available for Saturday’s trip, but he was keeping an eye on the fitness off the trio.

“There has been no decision made on Pelly or Lawless,” he said. “Definitely next week but whether it’s this week I’m not sure yet.

“By and large everyone else is OK and getting fitter. Charlie Walker took a bit of a knock on his ankle in the development game and came off, but once again it’s nothing bad.

“Whether we decide to include him in the squad, I’ll know later on today. But there’s nothing terrible that’s come out of the last few days.”

Still also confirmed that he would be looking to extend the deal for on-loan defender Michael Harriman from QPR.

The 21-year-old right-back originally signed on a 28-day emergency loan deal, but Still says he and the player are keen on extending the arrangement.

“I’ve already spoken to QPR and we are both of the opinion that the loan can be extended so I don’t see any problem with that and we will deal with that on Monday,” said Still.

“I’ve spoken to Michael and he doesn’t want to go back to not playing. He has been delighted with this and it was a no-brainer for us.”