Still calls for Town to go on a winning run

John Still
John Still

Hatters boss John Still wants his side to get back on a winning run again, starting at Newport County this evening.

Town have fallen away from the top three after three successive defeats and one win in five matches.

“We’ve got to play for 30 points now. If we got 30 points we’ll go up, if we get 27 I think we’d go up, get 23, we might go up.”

John Still

With 10 games left now, Still said: “One win might turn into two, that turns into three.

“We’ve done it before so lets be nice and positive and try and do it again.

“I work in groups of games, always and the last 10 games is a group. As far as I’m concerned, we’ve got what we’ve got now, that’s not going to change.

“We’ve got to play for 30 points now. If we got 30 points we’ll go up, if we get 27 I think we’d go up, get 23, we might go up.

“We’ve done this before, we’ve won games in succession before and we’ve got to try and do it again, which makes it very exciting for us.”

Standing in their way are an Exiles side in equally poor form, with seven defeats in their last 10 games.

However, under new management in Jimmy Dack after Justin Edinburgh moved to Gillingham, Still knows they will view Luton as a major scalp.

He continued: “I’ve known Jimmy for years. He’s a good man, I’m glad he got the opportunity to manage and like lots of clubs in this league, he will look on Luton as a feather in his cap, of course he will.

“Well, we’ve dealt with lots of clubs who look on Luton as feathers in their caps, and we’ll pay them the same respect as we pay anyone and try and be at our best to get three points.

“As easy as it was for us to have mishaps, the last 10 games of the season be it Burton, be it Wycombe. They might encounter the amount of injuries we’ve had and have to change their team a bit and that might fall into our lap.”

On just what sort of threats the Welsh side have at their disposal, Still added: “Aaron O’Connor, Ismail Yakubu, if he plays, Ish, he was a young lad I had at Barnet. I always look out for those players, and hes a whole-hearted player.

“I remember seeing Forest Green a few times with (Yan) Klukowski, I’ve always liked him. Lee Minshull came through at a few clubs, Wimbledon and going back to Tonbridge.

“I think they’ve got more than a few decent players. Their driving force is Darren Jones, centre half, he’s a good solid, honest leader of a player. I do like him and think they’ll be up for this game.”