Still denies his Hatters future is in doubt

John Still
John Still

Hatters boss John Still shrugged off doubts over his future despite a crushing seventh defeat in a row against Exeter City this afternoon.

The Luton chief kept press waiting for well over an hour after the game, which started rumours circulating on message boards and social media that he was about to depart Kenilworth Road.

“Decisions about managers and coaches don’t rest in my hands, they rest in someone else’s hands and I understand that as well.”

John Still

However, when Still eventually emerged, he denied being in talks with either the board or his players, stating he was merely spending time with his family and no-one from the club had gone to get him.

He said: “No-one’s come to get me. I was sitting in there with my grandchilren, who have literally just gone and I thought probably because it’s Easter, maybe they’re not doing it (press).

“We’ve gone on a losing run that’s really, really disappointing, really poor and as a manager I’m responsible, of course you are, I understand that.

“It’s never really from my point of view been a case of anyone at the club saying anything to me. I go back to when I first came and it wasn’t very good and now we’re up a league and it’s not very good.

“Is it disappointing? Drastically. Am I hurting? Terribly. Are the players hurting? Terribly. Is anyone going to try and do the best they can to make it better? Absolutely. But decisions about managers and coaches don’t rest in my hands, they rest in someone else’s hands and I understand that as well.”

Despite going from top three contenders to potentially missing out on the play-offs, Still also defended his managerial record in what is Town’s first season back in the Football League and believes progress is being made.

He added: “One thing that I’ve learned from when I first started doing this job. I can talk about players, what they do and what they don’t do for as long as I like, but they don’t pick themselves, I pick the players, I train the players, I coach the players, I encourage the players.

“So if someone’s not doing very well, that’s my responsibility. If someone does particularly well, it’s their responsibility, but that’s the game.

“I could stand here all night and tell stories of leagues and games and championships and winning and losing, I could do that until I’m blue in the face, but I actually can’t think of a club where I haven’t gone to where we haven’t improved and got success.

“We’ve improved. Last year we were top of the Conference. This year we’re ninth in League Two, that’s improvement.

“Are we good at the moment? Nowhere near it, but it’s football and things happen in football.

“It can be as disappointing as you like, but you just do the things that you always do, things you believe in, things you think are right and everything else is up to someone else.”