Still expecting to conclude Gibbons deal soon

Lewis Gibbons
Lewis Gibbons

Hatters boss John Still expects the deal to sign former Sunderland U18s captain Lewis Gibbons to be concluded shortly.

The central midfielder, who is currently at Durham City AFC, has been training with Luton and is due to put pen to paper once his accommodation is sorted out.

Speaking to the press this afternoon, Still said: “Everything’s done, we’re desperately trying to get the lad digs as we don’t want him in a hotel and we’re just waiting on that at the moment.

“I thought it might be done this week, but I would expect it’s only days, next week I would think about a shadow of doubt.

“He’ll go straight into the development squad, we might even loan him out, as he’s not ready yet.”

Still also confirmed that he could be interested in strengthening his squad in other positions but only if the right player becomes available.

He added: “There’s a couple of areas that if we could improve I would.

“But I’m only going to improve for the right players, I’m not just going to say we need things.

“We don’t actually need anything, but that doesn’t meant to say I don’t want something.

“If something comes up that I think, that’s going to make us a little bit better then I’ll do it.

“But when you’ve got good players, it’s not easy to get better players with the right characters, as that’s important.

“We have targets, now those targets have to be realistic but also have to be achievable and we have to be able to go and get them.

“They might not be achievable, so sometimes it’s waiting for targets to become achievable. We’ll keep knocking on doors and seeing what we can do.”