Still happy to play the waiting game with Mackail-Smith

Craig Mackail-Smith
Craig Mackail-Smith

Hatters boss John Still is prepared to play the waiting game with striker Craig Mackail-Smith.

The 31-year-old who is currently on trial at Kenilworth Road gave fans a glimpse of what could be to come with a lovely finish during Town’s 1-1 draw at National League side Boreham Wood last night.

“We agreed on a time to have a talk when he’s a bit fitter to see where he is and we’ll start talking now.”

John Still

He has now spent the last fortnight with the club and Still confirmed the pair will sit down and talk properly soon to see what the future holds shortly.

Speaking after the match, he said: “From when we first started talking, we said ‘come in, train, come to Portugal and when we get back, we’ll have a talk and see how we both feel.’

“I’ve got a very close relationship with him, always have, and from the time that we sold him (from Dagenham to Peterborough), I’m not saying I speak to him every week, but I speak to him regularly.

“He’s looking at what he thinks his next move should be. He had a bit of an injury when he was at Brighton, Dave Richardson (fitness coach) has a good relationship with him and seen him over the years, so he felt this was the right place to come, as long as it was okay with us, while he decided what was the right thing for him to do.

“We agreed on a time to have a talk when he’s a bit fitter to see where he is and we’ll start talking now.

“We’ll wait and see, but as I said all along, this is a two way street. We wanted to help Craig, we didn’t know what he wanted to do, we’d like to work with him if we can make something happen, but at the moment, we’re comfortable with it.

“Josh (McQuoid) coming in, who we like, Benno (Paul Benson), whose wife had a baby today, Jack Marriott we like, if we get Craig that’s great, but honestly I’m not getting over excited about it, we’ll do what we said well do and see where it leads us.”

Still confirmed becoming a permanent Hatter was definitely something Mackail-Smith was seriously considering too, adding: “ Ithink that’s without doubt and it’s just if along the way the two minds can meet with an ideal and that’s really what we’ll be looking at.