Still hopes Doyle could be the missing link

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Hatters boss John Still believes new signing Nathan Doyle could fill one of the missing links for his side.

The Luton chief has been looking for someone to take over the defensive midfield role since Jonathan Smith was injured against Barnet on Boxing and finally believes he has his man.

Speaking to the press today, he said: “We always felt we had one or two missing links, it was a type of player we would need.

“I think it showed last season, as we had to keep alternating the young players,but I didn’t want anyone, I knew the type it had to be.

“When we were at our best last season, we had Smudge in there and there were times when we had to hold Smudge back.

“He wants to run and challenge and I think we took a little bit away from him at times, for the counter attack.

“But we got into a vein of form last year where it fitted together and we don’t have that particular type in the club.

“Cameron (McGeehan) was a bit like that, he would hold, so if I had to add to that, that’s the type that I want.

“I experimented with Jim (Stevenson), but Jim can get up and score goals, he’s got that in his game.

“Matt Robinson can do that, but Matt wants to get up there and Smudge can get around it.

“I just felt that was the type once we got promotion, that was the type that we needed.”

One player that Still had kept in his mind to fulfil the role was Norwich midfielder Cameron McGeehan after his fine loan spell at Kenilworth Road last season.

But despite making an offer for the 19-year-old in the summer, it became clear that move was never going to happen.

Still continued: “We enquired about Cameron, but the money they wanted was obscene.

“I don’t care who it is, Manchester United are not going to pay what they were asking for him.

“So we had a type in mind of which Doyle was one of three, that we were making waves about.

“One we’d enquired, we probably could loan now the window’s open, because they would sell him, but what they’d sell him for we aren’t ever going to pay.

“But we’ve got a permanent so it was always the type that we wanted. If we had to draw what we wanted, we’d draw that type.”