Still lauds Town’s magnificent support

Luton Town boss John Still
Luton Town boss John Still

Hatters boss John Still has lauded Town’s magnificent support after hearing over 1,000 will make the trek to Carlisle for the League Two opener tomorrow.

The Luton chief was already well aware of just how loyal a following Luton had during the Conference triumph last year, but believes they is a different mentality amongst supporters these days.

He said: “It’s incredible. The support has been fantastic and not only is it lots of people, it’s actually support.

“When I first came, it was support with anxiety. I think how we dealt with things last year, there isn’t anxiety, there’s a belief so that’s fantastic for the players.”

With over 5,500 season tickets already sold for the new campaign, Still called for the same kind of positive atmosphere that was on display last campaign too.

He added: “Maybe we were winning because the support wasn’t so anxious and was behind us fully and kept going, I think that’s the key for me.

“If everyone pulls in the right direction, we’re a much stronger football team and a much stronger football club.

“I call on all Luton supporters now to realise how important their impact has been on the team, on the pitch and they have to replicate that and improve that if it’s possible.

“There will be a time when it’s tight when it’s difficult, but we want the opposing team to say oh my god, the crowd is getting noisier, the crowd is getting more behind the team.

“Not saying, keep it tight and the crowd will get on their back. That’s been part of our success.”

Still also believed that Town’s supporters have got their pride back at being in the Football League once more, but also felt their journey up the divisions hadn’t reached its end point yet.

He added: “When we were relegated, I think 100 per cent of supporters would have thought they weren’t treated fairly and probably now think they’re back in their rightful place in the Football League.

“Do they think they’re in their rightful position? Probably not. They probably feel the club can be higher, but I believe that as well.

“I also know about short term success, so what I’ve come here to try and do is build a bigger and better football team and a bigger and better football club and I’m not going to take any short cuts.

“I was fortunate last year, we came up in one go and I believe this club can certainly go again.

“But will it go again just like that? No it won’t, it needs to be planned, it needs to be worked at, we need to make sure the players we have in here with a potential, are worked to get to that potential.

“It’s easy to disregard them and go and get someone else. If we have to wait a little bit of time for that to come to fruition we’ll do that because the club will be stronger for it in the end and that’s what I think is important.”