Still: No news yet on transfer-listed trio

Jake Howells
Jake Howells

Hatters boss John Still has confirmed talks remain ongoingover the futures of the transfer-listed members of his squad, but no deals have been completed yet.

Jake Howells, Matt Robinson and Andy Parry remain available to leave Kenilworth Road before the transfer window closes, while Curtley Williams was also placed on the list during the summer too.

“Sometimes players move on quicker than clubs and sometimes clubs move on quicker than players.”

John Still

Still said: “There are some talks going on, I couldn’t give you a definite yes and a definite no, but some talks going on in a few different areas.

“None of those players have done anything wrong, Jake’s asked to go, he thinks it’s time, that’s fine, so if something can happen with Jake we’d be happy.

“With Matt Robinson and Andy Parry, they were part of the Conference winning side and have done fantastic for us.

“Sometimes players move on quicker than clubs and sometimes clubs move on quicker than players.

“Andre (Gray) moved on a bit quicker than us, that’s how it is and with Andy, he had quite a bit of injury last season and that’s probably been one of the reasons.

“With Matt where we upped the quality, he’s perhaps not quite there for us now.”

Still admitted he is doing everything he can to help the players find new employers and hasn’t made their lives difficult at Luton, adding: “We want these people to find the right homes and we want to help them find the right homes.

“It’s only right and proper that we do that and hopefully we do that sooner rather than later.

“We’re all actively supporting these people and haven’t discarded them, any of them. We have supported them and helped them and never neglected them in training, never excluded them from anything that we do.

“As far as I’m concerned, they’ve been a part of this club’s new history of getting this club back in the Football league and it’s important we treat them with the utmost respect.”