Still pleased to finally capture Harriman

Michael Harriman
Michael Harriman

Hatters boss John Still admitted he had always hoped to bring QPR defender Michael Harriman to the club.

The right back penned an emergency 28-day loan at Kenilworth Road and goes straight into the squad for this weekend’s League Two clash with Southend.

Town chief Still said: “He’s someone that when I first came here, which is nothing to do with the players here, was on a list of players that were always in the forefront of my mind.

“This was our first choice and fortunately it’s worked for us, so I’m pleased with it.

“He played 40 games for Gillingham in Division One last year and we tried to get him before.

“It’s what I’ve been waiting for, we’ve been speaking to QPR, they’ve had injuries and couldn’t let him go, they needed him there.

“If their right back had got injured, someone would have gone in in front of him, but he was the next one and they just had to wait.

“He’s played for Wycombe on loan the previous season as well, so he’s one that we know and like.

“There were other options, but I like what I like and thought if we waited a little bit it would change and it has.”

With both Curtley Williams and Paul Connolly struggling against injury so far this season, the deal allows both the chance to fully recover, especially as makeshift full back Alex Lacey is a doubt for Saturday too.

Still continued: “It gives Curtley Williams and Paul Connolly an opportunity to get properly fit because what we were doing with Curt, we were playing and he was missing a couple.

“So in the end, we just want to get him fit. There are times when you don’t have a choice. I’ve got two full backs, if one was fit, I wouldn’t even look at loaning, but I’ve waited and waited and waited.

“I’ve put it out there to a couple of players I would be interested in, with our current situation and it’s come up with Michael Harriman.

“I could say, I’ll play Lacey for another game or two, whose not trained today and that’s a situation that could have happened, where do we go for our next right back?

“We’ve done it with Curtley and with Paul Connolly earlier in the season, we’ve played them when they were injured really, it doesn’t do them any good and you end up going through that.

“We were in a situation where, they’ve both trained today, Curtley everything, Paul Connolly probably 75 per cent. In trying to push people back sometimes you give them too much to do as Curtley dislocated his shoulder last week, although it went straight back in.

“Now it’s going to enable us to give those two players the right amount of time to get over their injury.

“Once they’re properly over their injury you can push on in training, but we were pushing them when they weren’t really injury free.”

Still’s close relationship with Rangers boss Harry Redknapp also helped with the deal too as he added: “Of course. He said to me, we’re not looking to get him out but if it helps you then we’ll do it and they’ve been very good with the deal.”

For a full interview with Harriman, see the News/Gazette on sale next Wednesday.