Still sets deadline for captain decision

Scott Cuthbert
Scott Cuthbert

Hatters boss John Still will make his mind up on Luton’s full-time captain at the end of the month.

The position, which became vacant when Steve McNulty joined Tranmere last month, has been filled by centre half Scott Cuthbert for the past six games.

When asked whether the summer signing from Leyton Orient would keep the role going forward, Still said: “At the end of this month, we’ll decide who’s going to be the captain.

“I’ve left it with Scott and I’ve no reason to change, but the reason I’m not rushing to do it is because it’s not broke, I’m not going to fix it, nothing needs to change.

“I’ll just leave it running and then we’ll all sit down next week probably and say what we think and go from there.

“But I’ll leave it with Scott for now, I’m quite comfortable with it at the moment.”