Still success will lead to indefinite reign

Stockport County v Luton Town. wk 10. Pictures by Liam Smith.Stockport County v Luton Town. wk 10. Pictures by Liam Smith.
Stockport County v Luton Town. wk 10. Pictures by Liam Smith.
As long as John Still is a success he will be manager at Kenilworth Road as long as he likes says managing director Gary Sweet, writes Mark Wood.

Still was handed a two-year deal when he was appointed, with the option of a third year, but Sweet believes the term of the contract is ‘irrelevant’.

He said: “The term of the contract for example could be 10 weeks or 10 years, because at the point is there needn’t be a term.

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“We understand each other and what’s he’s coming to do is his job, what we want him to do is his job and he knows that when his time comes, because there will be an exit for John, because that happens to me and everybody around here, then it will be done the right way.

“Actually the length of the contract is irrelevant. John will be here for as long as we feel we are building the right football club. That will then bring success.

“I always feel under pressure to get the appointment right. We look at the future and that’s what John Still’s about.

“John Still’s about taking Luton Town Football Club, restructuring its culture, restructuring its squad and making us a success. And we have 100 per cent faith he is going to deliver.”

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Sweet also asserted that the board were in it for the long-haul with Still’s appointment and that they may have very different ‘tolerances’ compared to supporters when it comes to delivering success.

He continued: “The board at the football club are all supporters. Our levels of tolerance may be completely different to those of supporters.

“Because at the end of the day we know what it might need to be successful. And also we have to manage the pressure.

“We have to manage that stress and that means us being sponges at times and so be it. But we’re able to be that because we have got thick skin.

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“We know what Luton Town Football Club’’s all about and we’re not going to stop people from moaning and booing but we can persuade them not to.

“And the best way to persuade them not to is by appointing someone to do the right job.”

Still is also relishing the job and sees no end in sight to his managerial career, saying: “I’ll do it until I enjoy doing it and I’ll do it for as long as I know what I’m doing is right. There’s going to come a day, I don’t know when that day is.

“I’m 62, 63 soon but I’m 21 because I’m fit, I’m healthy, I get up every morning with a smile on my face because look at the job I’m doing it’s great, I love it it’s wonderful.”

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And he urged supporters to get behind his long-term project, adding: “Get behind it and give it a chance so your children and their children will have a fantastic football club. And you can say you were there when you saw the change.

“The interesting thing which you’ll all understand is how football’s moved on. If what happened 20 years ago was all brought forward to now, Alex Ferguson wouldn’t be Manchester United’s manager.

“That club had a project because we saw him bring young people through, which is very unusual in football now because they go and buy them from all over the world.

“But he had the project and you have to have one. And I was very fortunate to understand part of that project.

“When you get it it never goes. There’s no reason for it to go if people carry on with the project.

“I know it works, but it’s got to have a chance to work.”