Still understands supporters frustrations

John Still
John Still

Hatters boss John Still had no issues with supporters booing his side off the pitch after last night’s last-gasp 1-0 defeat to Bristol Rovers.

The hosts had been woeful throughout the game, failing to muster a single shot on target, with the Kenilworth Crowd’s frustrations audible throughout, made worse after Stuart Sinclar’s stoppage time winner.

“When we win they’re happy, when you don’t win, they’re not happy, well there’s nothing wrong with that.”

John Still

When he walked off, Still apologetically raised his hands to the home supporters, conceding afterwards: “I’d have booed, I’ve got no complaints with that.

“When I first came here and people said about supporters being unhappy, when you don’t play well, supporters are going to be unhappy, that’s football.

“This is the real world we live in, when we win they’re happy, when you don’t win, they’re not happy, well there’s nothing wrong with that.

“I’ve been in the game too long to worry about one games. We’ve been really poor in one game. Well in the year we came up we were poor in a few games and I’m sure we’ll be poor again.

“But we go back to work, believe in what we do and hope we can find the right way of producing the right results.”

When asked why he thought his side had been so poor, Still struggled to put his finger on a reason, continuing: “I wish I knew, because we were bright in training. We’d got over the disappointment of Saturday, but we never found ourselves in an attacking area with an opportunity to test the goalkeeper.

“Our attacking play, if it never went through Paddy McCourt, we didn’t attack. Paddy moved the ball, not we, around that area, but we never got ourselves into an area where Craig (Mackail-Smith) got in and Cam (Cameron McGeehan) got in at the weekend.

“So we never moved the ball quickly enough all evening, Paddy excepted.”

Despite the late nature of the goal, for the second game running, Still felt that the Pirates were worthy winners on the evening.

He added: “I thought they deserved to win. We came out of the traps on Saturday really fast, really quick, we showed how quickly we can move it.

“But from the first minute, we never played with that intensity. We had little periods, but not sustained, we never moved the ball quickly enough.

“We were too long on the ball, we let them get behind the ball, when we did cross, our crossing was poor and we never really tested their goalkeeper.

“For the away team they deserved to win, I’ve got no issues at all, we haven’t played well enough and if I’m honest, I don’t really know why we never played as well as I thought we would do.

“But when it’s over and I look at the game, which I will do, from playing with a tempo to start the game on Saturday, we never got a tempo up in the game.

“So I don’t have any complaints with the result, whether they scored early, late or whatever.”

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