Still unfazed by expectation at Kenilworth Road

John Still
John Still

Hatters boss John Still isn’t overly worried by the expectation surrounding Luton Town this season.

The club are heavily tipped to be one of the main promotion contenders for League Two this season after investing heavily in the squad over the summer.

A poor start to the campaign was followed by four straight wins, with many supporters now anticipating their side to kick on to the top three.

Still said: “I have that expectation myself wherever I’ve been, forget the club, I have an expectation.

“I look at my team and if we fall below that expectation, I don’t need anyone really to tell me how disappointing it’s been as I’ve been disappointed.

“With the amount of support that the club has, there’s more people to be disappointed, so I do understand it.

“It doesn’t particularly affect me, I never get affected by one game and never get affected by things that are unusual.

“It’s important that over a period of time you’re happy with your team and happy with how it’s going.

“I said it in my first year, I said it last year and I’ve had to say it again this year, that’s a bit disappointing, that my teams start slow but gradually they pick up.

“If someone said to me, would I have liked to start really quick? I would, but I wouldn’t have changed how I’ve prepared my team for a full season.

“For me it’s the right way of doing it. I think it’s showing now, we’ve picked up, are looking strong, played some good football, scoring goals even though we’re still not firing on all cylinders from all players.”

Still did admit his side might have to adapt to opponten’s tactics with more teams looking to prevent the Hatters winning from the outset over the course of the campaign, particularly at Kenilworth Road.

He added: “We still have to learn that some people are going to come here to just get something from the game.

“We have to have enough quality about us to open them up and we’ve seen that a few times this year, gradually we’ve dealt with it.

“We didn’t really deal with it on Saturday (against York), that might be one of the reasons we brought in someone like Paddy (McCourt) that can find that extra pass.

“Gutts (Luke Guttridge) can do it, but I think we just have to recognise that sometimes at home we’ve got to grind it out.

“Score first, the game can change, think what it did for us a little bit on Saturday is to remind us that we aren’t going to get three or four goals.

“We’ve scored lots of goals away from home, it’s a bit more difficult at home.

“That’s how it’s going to be be. Score a goal early and people might have to come out to try and attack you then I think there’s going to be a bit more space.”