Still urges fans to concentrate on the football against Cheltenham

John Still
John Still

Hatters boss John Still has urged supporters to concentrate on supporting their own side at Cheltenham tomorrow, rather than taunt opposition manager Paul Buckle.

The Robins chief was in charge at Kenilworth Road prior to Still, leaving the club on the eve of a Conference match at Macclesfield in February 2013 due to an impending move to America.

This weekend will be the first time Luton have faced Buckle since and with over 1,100 visiting fans making the trip, Still said: “This is a football match for me, that’s what it should be.

“We’re going to go there and the only thing at stake in this game is points, there’s no one-upmanship involved, it’s just points.

“That’s the only focus we have and I think support-wise, which is always fantastic, they get behind their team 100 per cent, like they always do.

“It will make a massive, massive difference. Supporters get your team to win, that’s the best thing that can happen, for your team to win.

“I understand this is football and there’s lots of mickey taking and lots of banter and I wouldn’t advocate stopping that, but come to support your team first.”

It will be a much different Robins side that Luton face to the team they beat 1-0 at Kenilworth Road in September, who were then managed by Mark Yates.

Still admitted he wouldn’t have made the change though as he said: “I thought he built a decent team there, I really did.

“They had a couple of play-offs, and had started okay (this season) but then drifted.

“Me personally, I think they were very hasty in changing Mark Yates as he is a decent manager.

“But they did it. We’re going to face a different Cheltenham and I understand that.”

The Luton chief did feel that Cheltenham’s policy of relying on loan players might have cost them, as he continued: “Sometimes you’ve too many of them. (John) Marquis went back, (Jordan) Wynter went back, then (Koby) Arthur went back and if you’ve got three of them, a third of your team’s gone.”

Since taking over though, Buckle has been quick to utilise the loan market though, extending ex-Town midfielder Kane Ferdinand’s deal until the end of the season, plus acquiring Liverpool’s Kevin Stewart, Lloyd Jones and Jack Dunn along with Jake Gray from Crystal Palace.

Still added: “I know Kane, he lives near me. He did very well at Peterborough, it didn’t work for him here, but maybe it works for him there.

“They’ve brought in a couple of boys in from Liverpool, young lads, the boy Dunn a defender, he’s all right, I’ve seen him.

“(Terry) Gornell’s always been a scorer as well, Byron Harrison, I think he’s been a bit in and out.

“The new manager going in has new ideas and it takes a while sometimes.

“You’re coming away from the Mark Yates team to Paul Buckle’s team. They could play completely different, so whatever we may have learned previous, we have to go to what’s happening now.

“He’s obviously, like we all do, trying to discover a formation, a way of playing that’s going to benefit him. Sometimes you’re lucky and it falls into place, sometimes it takes a bit of time for that to happen.

“We have to be fully prepared because it might happen Saturday for them. It might be the right players in the right holes, playing the right way.”