Still will bide his time with Walker

Hatters boss John Still will give striker Charlie Walker a chance to shine from the start only when he feels the time is right.
Charlie WalkerCharlie Walker
Charlie Walker

The 24-year-old, who joined in the summer from Ryman One South side Peacehaven has made two eye-catching appearances from the bench in Town’s last two matches.

After being denied his opening goal at Stevenage, he then lobbed against the bar in the defeat to Crawley, but despite his impact, Still won’t be swayed into throwing him in unless he is full ready.

He said: “No, he’s not making it difficult at all because let’s be hypothetical and say Charlie plays Saturday.

“It’s his first start and it doesn’t go well, people will go, he’s not quite ready, he’s nearly there.

“So we’ll do it when we think he’s ready to deal with it mentally and physically.

“It will happen, he will get that opportunity, but it’s really, really important for his progress that you don’t do something too early.

“We need to do it when it’s right for him as much as it’s right for us because if we can get it spot on, if we can get it really right, it could make a difference, and I’m being hypothetical here, of him scoring seven goals or 12 goals, if we get it right.

“It is about playing him at the right times and the right situations and getting him into it gradually, but he is making good progress, he really is.”

Still admitted he had been impressed with how Walker had adapted to life as a full time professional in recent weeks after understandably finding it hard to begin with.

He continued: “He’s doing very well now. He found it very hard when he came into the training, but we don’t push them, we help them. We don’t give them what they can’t do, we let them settle in.

“Gradually now he comes training, he’s working hard and he’s making a position for himself in and around the team.

“We’re not after short term success, we’re after making him a good player for the amount of time that he’s at this football club.

“He’s only just come and got up to speed, but we’ve recognised he has a strength but it’s important that we develop the strength and not just go and play him and play him.

“He still has to develop in certain ways and certain areas and it’s important that we do that properly.

“I think that over the next few weeks people will see more of Charlie Walker.”

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