Still won’t mistake Halifax’s competitive streak for aggression

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Luton boss John Still believes FC Halifax Town’s poor disciplinary record is just indicative of their competitive style, writes Mark Wood.

The Shaymen have been shown a large number of red cards this season, but Still was unconcerned by their physical approach.

He said: “I’m not (concerned) particularly, no. I think they will be competitive, sometimes competitive can be misconstrued as too aggressive. I’ve got no worries of that.”

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Halifax have claimed 20 points from their 12 games so far this season, exactly the same total as the Hatters have gleaned.

And while Still believes that tables at this point can sometimes still be misleading, he believes the northerners have had a good start.

He added: “I think if you look at a league table, which I’m doing now as we talk, right the way down to Woking, they are nine points behind Luton.

“Well we’ve only played 12 games so I think that teams sometimes can appear to be doing better than you think or worse than you think.

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“It takes a little bit of time to sort it out. I think eight, nine, 10, 11, 12 games and probably within eight to 10 games you’d probably know where your strengths and weaknesses are if I’m being honest.

“Probably most of the teams there would think, well we need to be a bit stronger here, or we perhaps need to change this and Halifax along with us and the teams that are around us would look at their start and go, reasonably comfortable with how we’ve started.

“But it doesn’t always tell a story, it’s a long, long grinding season.

“They would probably look at their season so far and say, ‘we’ve had a decent start, yeah’.”