Sweet confirms that Luton's players have agreed a wage deferral

Town CEO not impressed with the PFA during negotiations
Luton's players have agreed upon a wage deferralLuton's players have agreed upon a wage deferral
Luton's players have agreed upon a wage deferral

Luton chief executive Gary Sweet has confirmed that the Hatters players have finally agreed on a wage deferral at Kenilworth Road.

It was only last week that Sweet spoke about just how crucial an agreement was needed to be reached, ensuring the club could survive the coronavirus pandemic which has seen the season suspended indefinitely, leaving a gaping hole in their finances.

Although it has taken a while this to happen, Sweet didn't blame the players, more the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) for their poor guidance on the issue.

He said: “Our players now have agreed a salary deferral which we are happy with and has taken place from the first of this month effectively, for the month of May.

"That means that everybody now in the club is contributing to this coronavirus situation, so we’re in a good shape.

“It's absolutely vital and we were always confident that would happen.

“They were always willing to do it, it was always about the value and how, and the terms and the conditions, but ultimately the PFA have got a lot to answer for here in my opinion.

“I think the guidance the players got from the PFA has been pretty haphazard and quite unprofessional because they have given authority for some clubs to go with deferrals with their squads but other clubs not.

“We’ve had to go through a process of demonstrating our financial statements and cash flows to (accountants) Deloitte on behalf of the PFA in order to get their approval to recommend that to the players.

“So, as a player, if you’re signed up to what is effectively one of the strongest unions in the world, you’re going to have to listen to them.

“So I actually don’t blame the players as much as I do the PFA and I know I’m going to have trouble with the PFA on this by the way, I’ve been having trouble with them for weeks now so it’s not a problem to me, but that’s where we are.

“I’m pleased it is sorted and it will need to be an ongoing conversation with them of course.

“We don’t know what’s happening in terms of unlocking protocols for the nation in a month’s time so we have to follow those guidelines.

"Ultimately the objective here is for us to financially and safely get to a position where we are safely playing in front of a crowd again at Kenilworth Road, where we can be somewhat solvent again.

“Looking at the bigger picture, my aim is to ensure that the club’s security is safe going forward that we escape that severe economic impact that is posed by this virus, that’s the main criteria here, that’s the main brief that I’ve got."

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