Sweet wants management team to learn from mistakes

Gary Sweet
Gary Sweet

Hatters chief executive Gary Sweet has urged the club to learn from mistakes made at management level this season.

Although not specifying what those errors have been, writing in his programme notes for yesterday’s League Two clash with Exeter City, Sweet said: “We, as a management team (and I include myself) have made a number of errors which could have been averted, in hindsight - which we’ll all learn greatly from.

“We, as a management team (and I include myself) have made a number of errors which could have been averted.”

Gary Sweet, chief executive

“But in business (and football), it’s easy to make the correct decision in isolation, but much more difficult to get them all right when hundreds have to be made and, this season, the management team have had more decisions to make than I’ve ever known.”

Sweet is also expecting manager John Still to reduce the size of the squad now, before bringing in added quality ahead of an expected challenge for promotion to League One.

He continued: “Steps have already been taken to reduce the size of our large squad both to assist to focus on our run-in and to begin the process of building a squad of the optimum number and maximum quality for next season.

“John and his team will continue to do their best to nurture our football DNA and to help build and shape out club for the future.

“We need to embrace the opportunity that remains ahead of us: to make giant, firm steps forward and start winning again - whilst, in parallel, we reshape our squad for League One, regardless of this season’s outcome.

“We must re-establish and drill home our Luton footballing DNA - I, unquestionably, would rather miss out by giving it a go the ‘Luton Way’ than miss out by adopting an alien approach.

“You can certainly be sure that the right management are in place throughout the business to build your club and your team for the long term.”

Sweet also admitted he was frustrated to miss out on the chance to go up automatically this year, after a run of seven straight defeats.

He added: “This is a position I’d prefer not to be in - having to take account of our appalling recent form.

“We are all bitterly disappointed that this poor run has ultimately led to a missed opportunity for another automatic promotion.”