Top spot remains the goal for Hatters chief

John Still
John Still

Luton boss John Still has his eye firmly on top spot despite Luton’s mixed start to the season.

The Town chief witnessed a slow start to the campaign, before four successive wins propelled Luton up the division.

“We could beat Plymouth on Saturday, win the next one and be three points behind.”

John Still

However, they have taken just two points from the last nine and trail this afternoon’s table-topping opponents Plymouth by 10 points.

Still said: “When people say there’s three automatic places, I’m not interested, I’m interested in first at this stage of the season.

“The season is full of highs and lows. We started slow, we picked up, the last couple of results, two home games are draws and a defeat away, not what I would have wanted, but it changes so quickly.”

“We could beat Plymouth on Saturday, win the next one and be three points behind.”

Defeat would see Luton fall a hefty 13 points off the pace, but whatever the result, Still wasn’t overly fussed by Hatters’ tally at this stage of the campaign.

He continued: “I don’t know how many points Cambridge were in front of us (in 2013-14), but it was quite a few and we won by a street.

“Come Christmas, come January, we’ll know exactly what we have to do to maintain or reassess where are, but it’s not quite that case at the moment.”

On the threats Plymouth possess, Still added: “The teamwork once again, (Carl) McHugh, is a decent player at the level, the boy (Jake) Jervis, who’s not that old but been up in Scotland and done well.

“They’re one of the teams who will always do well at home and last year they were a tough team as John Sheridan did a decent job.

“They’re a tough team this year and have got some decent all-round players.”