Town skipper Bradley praises referee Jones for explaining why he turned down two penalties in play-off clash

Luton captain felt both spot-kicks should have been given

By Mike Simmonds
Saturday, 14th May 2022, 2:26 pm
Cameron Jerome is about to be felled by Huddersfield defender Naby Sarr
Cameron Jerome is about to be felled by Huddersfield defender Naby Sarr

Luton skipper Sonny Bradley gave credit to referee Rob Jones last night despite the official turning down two penalties for both the Hatters and Huddersfield Town during the Championship semi-final play-off first leg clash at Kenilworth Road.

The official had a decision to make after just 15 seconds of the contest, home full back James Bree nudging Harry Toffolo in the back as he went to turn in a dangerous cross, waving away the Terriers’ appeals.

Just after the half hour mark and with the scores at 1-1, Jones was then the centre of attention once more, as Cameron Jerome raced on to Harry Cornick’s flick to bear down on goal, felled after a tangle of legs with centre half Naby Sarr.

Once more Jones gave nothing though, awarding the hosts a corner, despite manager Nathan Jones labelling it a ‘terrible decision’ in his post match press conference.

Speaking afterwards, Bradley said: “I don’t actually want to repeat what the referee said to me, but I’ve asked the question straight away, ‘what’s that about?’

"He turned round and said he’s not giving soft ones today.

"I said ‘fair enough,’ I asked him for an explanation, he gave me one, he thought it was a bit soft, didn't think there was too much in it, he gave me an explanation, I moved on, I carried on.

"It’s actually quite refreshing for a referee not to duck away, he could have have just told me to walk away and get out of his face, but he didn’t, he gave me an explanation.

"In fairness, within 10 seconds of the game, there’s a question over whether they should have had a penalty as well.

"In my opinion they're both penalties, whether Breesy likes me saying that or not, I don't think he will, but from my opinion they’re both penalties, soft or not.

"Either way I think the referee did a fairly good job and it’s quite refreshing for him to give us an explanation as to why he gave those decisions.”

However, boss Jones added: “It's nailed on, it's clear, because they had half an appeal in the first seconds of the game, he hasn't given it.

"They don't have that, he gives it and it's a red card.

"It's last-ditch, he's brought him down. It's a real terrible decision."