Town skipper insists Luton enjoy transfer speculation regarding top scorer Adebayo

Forward catching the eye after reaching double figures in the Championship

By Mike Simmonds
Wednesday, 5th January 2022, 8:00 am
Town striker Elijah Adebayo
Town striker Elijah Adebayo

The speculation surrounding Luton’s leading marksman Elijah Adebayo is something that the club ‘enjoy’ according to skipper Sonny Bradley.

With the former Fulham attacker already up to double figures for the season after finding the net against his old side in Town’s last game on December 11, it has led to reports of Premier League Newcastle United potentially casting an eye over the 23-year-old.

Bradley himself has stated in the past he believes the striker has the ability to make it in the top flight, although he hopes Adebayo will continue to be a team-mate of his for the foreseeable future.

The captain said: “I don’t know of any transfer talk of any of our players leaving, obviously, you hear a couple of rumours, but that’s to be expected when players are playing well.

“If you’ve got a striker already in double digits this season in the Championship then people might start talking about him, which I think we enjoy.

“The only reason people are having these conversations is because he’s doing so well.

“Obviously, I don’t need to say it, but I’m hoping that Elijah stays here for a long time, certainly, the next 18 months or so, to continue his development.

“I have said it in the past, eventually, Elijah might get to a level of football and a standard where it might be impossible to keep him, but right now he’s doing the right thing.

“He’s under contract here, but he’s doing the right thing by staying here, by learning and continuing his improvement, because he’s an important part of what we do.

“He works extremely hard on his game and it’s no coincidence that he’s improved, from when he joined us, to now, his levels have just gone up and up and up.

“That’s a credit to himself and the work that he puts in during the week.

"He’s one of our hardest working players, he wants to continually improve and if he does that, eventually, he might get that big move.”