UPDATED: ‘Teamwork’ gave Harriers the edge admits aspiring Still

‘Teamwork’ was the key factor in Kidderminster Harriers’ 2-1 triumph over the Hatters at Kenilworth Road on Monday, writes Mark Wood.

Luton Town v Kidderminster Harriers - ltfc
Luton Town v Kidderminster Harriers - ltfc

Town boss John Still continues to see progress in his plans, but admitted that Harriers’ greater cohesion proved decisive on the day.

That understanding has taken the Aggborough outfit around three years to develop and Still warned it could take that long at Kenilworth Road too.

Still said: “I thought the difference between the two teams was probably teamwork. I thought they were a little bit better than us, I think mainly through their teamwork. I thought their understanding was better than ours.

“I thought we did OK, OK. But OK’s not good enough to get us out of this league, we’ve got to do better than OK.

“But having said that, I thought that we kept going and we finished the game strongly, I was pleased with that.

“But as a I keep saying, really most of the stuff I do it’s that combinations and teamwork, we have to build and that team’s probably been three years in the making.

“And that’s sometimes how long it can take to get that everyone knowing their jobs, the right players, square pegs in square holes, round pegs in round holes. But it was OK, not great, but OK.”

But Still is learning a lot from the games he’s been in charge - although not all of it has been good.

He said: “I am. I know this might sound stupid, but not always in the right direction. But that’s not that important at the moment.

“It’s important that I see the forwards steps and the backwards steps. And when it comes to backwards steps that can sometimes be with individuals where you think, no, this isn’t going to be, this isn’t going to work for us.

“And that’s how changes are made. So I think you see the forwards steps and the backwards steps and I was aware when I came here that perhaps the team wasn’t doing as well as people would have liked to have thought maybe at the start of the season.

“And I think that’s a fair assessment, I don’t really think the groups of players as it stands or as it stood is probably strong enough to challenge.

“Maybe just off of strong enough to challenge. When I’m seeing that, that’s really pushing me in what direction I think I need to go regarding players and deciding the future of players.

“We’ve done it with some and there will be one or two others as we get to the last couple of weeks of the seasons.”

And more departures from Kenilworth Road, following last week’s exodus, look likely to be made in the next fortnight.

Still continued: “There will be one or two more changes in the next week to 10 days. Once we’ve done that.. the recruitment side is already taking place we are already working hard in that direction.

“But once we’ve identified who will be here next year, that’s going to make who is going to come in a little bit easier.

“But as I say, that really next week we’ll all know that.”

However, Still knows there is still a long way to go until he gets the right squad in place, and it might take even longer to transform it into a potential title-winning one.

He added: “It is ongoing. If someone was to say I can get everything I want for the start of the season and everyone’s organised and everyone knows their job - I’m not quite sure it will be like that.

“We will be further up the road than we are now. But the organisation and the planning of it, it takes time.

“I said when I came in no quick fixes. I don’t ever think they work anywhere. They work for a little while, but it goes quickly.

“As quick as it can come is as quick as it can go. It has to be a proper project, planned and organised.

“The steps that we are making now to help with that when the end of the season comes and the pre-season starts and when the next pre-season starts there will obviously be some more ins and outs.

“And that will be another step, but when we get the group that we want I think a lot of it is going to be down to the organisation, the teamwork, the thing that I spoke about with Kidderminster, the teamwork.

“That’s going to be a big part of it. And I’m sure as we go with that it’s going to be a big part of it and try and find the square pegs in the square holes.

“Players can come in, and with the greatest of respect they can be the best players or the worst players, fit in or not fit in.

“Sometimes there are things you don’t know. You can do all your homework, sometimes players with great reputations, they’ve shown good form elsewhere, can come in and not be quite right and you have to identify that.

“So it’s a little bit of a mixing bowl at the moment which we are prepared for. But once we feel we have the right group with the right attitude, playing the right way, that’s when we’ll see the best of what we can do.

“And we hope that that’s soon rather than later but it’s very difficult to put a timescale on it.”