Walker full of confidence after netting winner

STRIKER Jason Walker is brimming with confidence after scoring the winner against Wrexham on Tuesday evening, writes Mark Wood.

His 81st-minute effort sealed a 2-1 victory on the night and capped a fine 5-1 drubbing of the Welshmen.

Walker said: “It was a great run by Claude on the right. He put a great ball in.

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“It was directly in front of Alex (Lawless), he stepped out of the way. It fell to me six yards out and he (Chris Maxwell) nearly saved it but I was delighted it went in.

“If I had missed that I would have been really disappointed.

“To score, particularly in front of the Luton fans, was amazing. It was just great to win the game and getting a goal for me as a striker, I need to score.”

“Goals give you confidence when you are scoring.

“I’ve played well and worked hard but the goals haven’t been there.

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“Some of it is down to luck and I wasn’t getting in under the old gaffer.”

Walker was left to lament an earlier headed goal from a corner that was ruled out because of a foul by Zdenek Kroca.

He said: “I don’t think he did a lot. I was gutted because it was a good header and would have been a good goal. I would have had two for the game.”

Wrexham keeper Chris Maxwell had a blinder, making a host of saves in the second half and but for him Town could have had many more.

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Walker continued: “Their keeper has had a great game and made four or five fantastic saves second half.

“They’ve had two shots on target and if you look at how many we’ve had on target it could have been four or five but we will take 2-1.”

However, Maxwell did make an error for Kroca’s equaliser, with Walker enthusing: “Our keeper rarely makes mistakes. I can only say I’m delighted for their keeper to make one!

“He came and hesitated but it’s still a great header from Zdenek and right in the top corner.

“To be fair to the keeper he had a great game on the day.

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“He saved one of mine. It was Jake’s he got one out of the top corner and I don’t know how he got it.”

Walker walked out on the night with a beaming smile on his face, and just admitted he was pleased to be playing.

He said: “I was just happy. I just had a smile on my face because it’s what I came to Luton for.

“It was a big step up and big expectation. I was just really looking forward to the game.”

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But he admitted that Luton’s nervous start was only ended by Mark Tyler’s penalty save with Luton already 1-0 down.

He said: “It was a shaky start. We knew that straight away.

“I don’t know why as we were 3-0 up and should have been relaxed.

“I was delighted when Tyler saved the penalty too.

“They were on fire first 20. After that as soon as Tyles made that save, it would kill any team.

“We wouldn’t have expected to be 2-0 down after 20 minutes. It would have been difficult for us to get going then.

“They would have been on the front foot again.

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“To score a few minutes later it was game over there and really hard to come back from. That goal did settle us just as much as it killed them.

“It’s frustrating. We weren’t really on our game.

“With one up front you don’t get a lot of the ball when the other team are attacking.

“It’s frustrating but we knew we had to grind it out. We knew they would come out all guns blazing.

Walker believes Town thoroughly deserved their win, adding: “Tyles studied the form and knew where it was going and did it again like he has all season. This is the biggest of the season and we deserved to win this game.

“We want to win every game. At 1-1 with us actually having a 3-0 advantage and 15 minutes to go. They were pushing but to no avail.

“It was amazing for the fans.”