WATCH: 2020 given standing ovation by Luton faithful

Luton's fans give 2020 a standing ovation on SaturdayLuton's fans give 2020 a standing ovation on Saturday
Luton's fans give 2020 a standing ovation on Saturday
Luton's fans gave 2020 a standing ovation during their 2-2 draw against Gillingham on Saturday.

Around the 20 minute mark, although truth be told it was nearer 18, the ground rose to acclaim Town's board of directors and chief executive Gary Sweet, for their efforts in getting Newlands Park approved by Luton Borough Council last week.

Campaign group #savourtown captured the moment on camera, while Hatters boss Mick Harford admitted to getting caught up in the moment too.

He said: "I applauded as well on the touchline.

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"It was the biggest victory in Luton Town’s history in terms of getting planning application for the new stadium and rightly so, they were given a fantastic reception.

"Gary and the 2020 board, and everyone involved in that, it was a epic moment in Luton Town’s history.

“I congratulate Gary and the board, we’ve seen them, we’ve spoken to them, and we’ve sent messages.

"We’re just absolutely thrilled for them as we know how much hard work has been for everyone getting this over the line."

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Harford, who himself played a number of times at Kenilworth Road during his days as a Luton player, expects it will be an emotional time when the club do move into a new stadium at Power Court, but knows it just has to happen.

He added: "It will be absolutely sad, it’s a great old place, it’s a fantastic place to play.

"Every player I speak to has loved playing down here, because of the atmosphere, but football's moved on now.

"I think us moving into a new stadium will be fantastic."