Wilkinson voted in as new Luton chairman

New Luton chairman David Wilkinson
New Luton chairman David Wilkinson

Luton Town have revealed that vice-chairman David Wilkinson has been appointed as the new chairman of the club.

The lifelong Hatters fans was has been voted in by his fellow directors, taking over from Nick Owen, who stood down from his non-executive role at the start of this season.

Luton-born Wilkinson was a founder member of Luton Town 2020, the consortium of supporters who led the club out of administration 10 years ago and has undertaken many of the responsibilities for several years in his role as vice-chairman.

Chief executive Gary Sweet said: “We all know the business side of the club was in an appalling state back then, and I am delighted to announce that one of the men who has helped turn that situation around, David Wilkinson, has agreed to be the club’s new chairman.

“David was a founder member of 2020, the joint-first investor to embark on the mission and who has worked tirelessly as and when required, not just as an elder statesman of the board of directors but also as a trusted and genuine friend to me.

“Quite simply, I couldn’t do my job without David lending his support (and enduring my occasional strops), and I’m thrilled to have him as our chairman going forward.

"He’s a familiar face to everybody, a likeable face for everybody, and what it means practically, is that nothing much will change. David has been vice-chairman for several years and the promotion this season is a reward for him and all the board for how marvellous they have been.”

Wilkinson himself could not hide his delight at being named chairman of a club he has supported for over six decades, adding: "I am touched and honoured by this offer, however, it won’t really mean much change,” said David, who watched his first match in September 1958, a 4-1 win over West Ham in the old First Division.

“As vice chairman I have chaired all board meetings, attended Football League meetings, sat on committees, helped to host visitors and represent us at other clubs and events.

"The only area I have not had to cover is the Press and media, in which, of course, Nick Owen was masterful.

“I cannot express to you how proud I am to have been given this opportunity. Even now after all these years I can’t believe it’s not a dream. The club has been a major part of my life and given me so much pleasure. I know and understand that it’s the same for thousands of others.

“We have a huge responsibility to ensure the long-term future of the club we love so much so that young kids who are so passionate now, just as I was 60 years ago, have the opportunity to have similar experiences when we are long gone.”

Congratulations on your new title David – let’s have a promotion party to celebrate!