McCormack: Town wonder strike not my best ever!

Alan McCormack celebrates his wonder strikeAlan McCormack celebrates his wonder strike
Alan McCormack celebrates his wonder strike
Alan McCormack's jaw-dropping strike against Yeovil Town on Saturday wasn't even the best goal of his career, according to the man himself.

The 33-year-old took aim from around 25 yards to blast home a magnificent volley, making it 3-1 for the Hatters as he scored his first goal since a 2-0 win for Brentford over Leeds United back in September 2014.

However, Saturday's effort couldn't dislodge another wonder hit for Southend in a 3-2 victory over Preston almost a decade ago from the top of his personal charts, as he said: “Probably not, no, I have scored one or two.

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“I don't get many goals, once against Coventry (for Brentford) which was good, then one for Southend against Preston that I've hit a good volley from outside of the box, that I'd probably class as my favourite goal.

“But that's (Luton strike) up there as well, a debut goal, I haven't had that before.”

The midfielder knew it had a good chance of rippling the net from the moment he struck it too, as he continued: “Yes, it was one of them sweet connections that you know as soon as it leaves your foot it's going to be at least on target.

“I got a little bit of luck, there were a lot of bodies in front of me. I knew I had a lot of time to steady myself, but I don't really remember much after that, just seeing it in the back of the net.

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“I'm sure this evening, I'll probably watch it once, maybe twice."

After belting home his exocet, there were predictable cries of 'shooooot' from Luton's supporters every time he got the ball anywhere in the vicinity of the penalty area, but McCormack didn't take the bait, preferring to seek out a team-mate instead.

He continued: “I heard it just after that when I got the ball, I was out wide and could hear the shouts of 'shoot' and I thought I'm not shooting there.

“If midfielder's can chip in with goals, Olly scored, I scored, Ell (Elliot Lee) scored after coming on, I know he played up top, but El play in a 10 as well.

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"So if your midfielders can dig out 15-20 goals between them over the course of the year, it's a huge impact on the team and we have got our weight to pull as well, we can't just rely on the strikers week in and week out.”