Country calls as Reynolds flies out to Norway

Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds
Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds

Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds is jetting off to Norway on Friday to represent England once more this weekend.

The 20-year-old has been called up to fight for his country, and is confident that another bout abroad will do wonders for is learning process.

Reynolds said: “I think I’ll be fighting the Norwegian number one or number two, it should be their number one, but I’ll find out soon.

“It’s all about the experience, getting these fights abroad and international experience because when I turn pro, I’ve done it all, I’ve got all the experience.

“I know I’m good enough for British level, but now I want to find out if I can go on and fight for European titles and World titles.”

Reynolds believes that by taking all these bouts around the world, it can only aid him for when he does eventually make the switch into the pro ranks, as he continued: “A lot of people are not doing so these days, they’re having a few amateur fights and then going pro and not getting anywhere.

“Amateur boxing, you’ve got to look at it as an apprenticeship and when you turn pro, that’s your job.

“That’s why I’m fighting as much as I can now. I’ve had a lot of fights in the space of four or five years, so I want to try and get to 200 fights and then see what happens.”

Reynolds can enter the fight in high spirits too after winning the King of the Ring in Sweden earlier this month.

He’s keen to not become too complacent though, saying: “It’s a bit of a confident boost, but you can never be over confident, it’s so dangerous.

“If you just stop for half a second then you’re on your back, but I know where I’m at, I know what level I’m at and heading towards where I want to.

“I’m fighting the best of the European fighters and if I’m beating them quite comfortably, then the future is bright.”

Part of that future could well include a shot at Olympic gold too for the hugely talented youngster.

With the Games later this year, Reynolds would love the opportunity to box in Rio de Janeiro, but conceded he is more likely to have a chance at Tokyo 2020.

He added: “That’s what I’m pushing for, that’s my dream, that’s why I’m going out to all these championships.

“They’ve (Great Britain) got their lads, they’ve got someone who’s 26-years-old, he’s got the shirt and got more experience than me.

“But the next Olympics after that, I’m only going to be 24-years-old, and that is probably the perfect time for me.

“I’ve still got another couple of years to keep learning and developing and then see what happens.”