KARATE: Euro call-up for Carla

Carla Burkitt
Carla Burkitt

Luton Kaizen Karate Club member Carla Burkitt has been selected for the European Karate Championships in Marseille, France to be held between May 5-8.

After winning the British and English Championships and getting a bronze and the Karate Premier League, Burkitt, who trains with former World Champion and current England National coach Willie Thomas, has also been selected as the England Female Team captain.

Carla has been training in Luton since the age of five and works at the Hertfordshire Sports Village in Hatfield, where she is able to get training support from Performance Hertfordshire.

Speaking about her call-up, she said: “I have achieved my world ranking from attending just two events last year.

“I think this alone proves that with some financial backing and the chance to attend more competitions amongst world class athletes, I can contend for World and European titles.”

Burkitt is an entirely self-funded athlete and is hoping to secure funding to make it possible to attend future Championships.

If you would like to help with sponsorship, head to www.podiumpartners.org/campaign/50-carla-burkitt.