SWIMMING: Third place sees Team Luton finish 10th in National League

The Team Luton swimmers
The Team Luton swimmers

Team Luton hosted the third and final round of the 2015/2016 National Arena League at Luton Inspire Sports Village recently.

The hosts were swimming against Anaconda, Berkhamsted, Brompton, Enfield Swim Squad B, Greenwich Royals, Hitchin and Wandsworth, as they finished in a fine third place on the night.

Team Luton were able to secure 10 first place positions, six seconds and 14 third place positions to ensure they came 10th overall from 16 clubs in Division One.

The club are now preparing for the Bedfordshire County Championships that are being held at Luton Inspire Sports Village in January and February.

Results, first places

Girls, U11, U50m butterfly: Jess Keogh, 35.34secs, PB. U11, 50m freestyle: Jess Keogh, 31.45secs. U11, 50m breaststroke: Leila Gilbert, 42.03secs, PB. U13, 100m butterfly: Jade Whitehouse, 1.11.56mins. U13, 100m freestyle: Lauren Young, 1.03.77mins. U13, 4x50m medley relay: Shannay Davis, Chiara Rogers, Jade Whitehouse and Lauren Young. Open, 100m butterfly: Nicola Pasquire, 1.07.62mins. Open 100m freestyle: Nicola Pasquire, 59.17secs. Ladies 4x50 IM: Nicola Pasquire, 2.26.10mins.

Boys, U13, 100m breaststroke: Freddie Symonds, 1.19.02mins.

Second places

Girls, U11, 4x50m freestyle relay: Jess Keogh, Laila Gilbert, Maisie Hamilton and Menna Walmsley. U15, 100m freestyle: Chantal Smith, 1.03.00mins. Open, 100m breaststroke: Celyn Walmsley, 1.20.88mins.

Boys, U11, 50m freestyle: Rhys Davidson, 31.60secs, PB. U11, 4x50m freestyle relay: Jacob Hayhurst, Malachi Gilbert, Nyles Whyte and Rhys Davidson. Open 100m backstroke: Jamie Fowler, 1.01.70mins.

Third places

Girls, U13, 100m backstroke: Lauren Young, 1.14.88mins, PB. U15, 100m butterfly: Lucy Gee, 1.13.55mins. Open, 100m breaststroke: Celyn 
Walmsley, 1.19.89mins.

U13, 4x50m freestyle relay: Abbie Barnwell, Jade Whitehouse, Chiara Rogers and Lauren Young.

U15, 4x50m freestyle relay: Lucy Gee, Chantal Smith, Celyn Walmsley and Rhiann Donnelly. Open 4x50m medley relay: Hannah Kelly, Chantal Smith,Nicola Pasquire and Beth Current. Open 6x50m freestyle relay: Hannah Kelly, Chantal Smith, Nicola Pasquire, Lucy Gee, Beth Current and Lauren Young.

Boys, U11, 50m butterfly: Rhys Davidson, 36.12secs, PB. U11, 4x50m medley relay: Jacob Hayhurst, Malachi Gilbert, Nyles Whyte and Rhys Davidson. U15, 100m breaststroke: Ralph Muncer, 1.16.16mins, PB. Open, 100m breaststroke: Ryan Jarvis, 1.09.82mins.

Mens, Open 4x50 individual medley: Alex Mason, 2.14.47mins. Open 100m freestyle: Matthew Wright, 55.27secs. Open 5x50m medley relay: Jamie Fowler, Ryan Jarvis, Alex Mason and Matthew Wright.