From four legs to two as footballers replaced horses

‘Blues Just Can’t Stop Winning’ says the front page headline in this week’s Gazette, and Dunstable Town FC are certainly giving their supporters plenty to cheer about at their splendid ground at Creasey Park, off Brewers Hill Road.

Dunstable Town v Vauxhall in 1957
Dunstable Town v Vauxhall in 1957

The club moved there after playing for many years on a pitch at Kingsway.

This Yesteryear photo, taken in October 1957, shows a match at Kingsway between the Town and Vauxhall FC, with part of the old Dunstable Vauxhall factory in the background.

Football fans could reach the ground by taking a pleasant walk through Dunstable Park from the town centre, following a rural path which later became the present Queensway.

Dunstable Town FC was formed in 1883 but disbanded after many years of success, only to be re-formed in 1950. Its Kingsway ground had previously been an exercise field for horses owned by the riding school based at Kingsbury Farm, in the building which later became the Norman King pub.

The area has been substantially redeveloped in recent years, and it is difficult to imagine where the football field once was, but it’s in the Duke’s Court/Queen’s Court area near the college.

The White Lion Retail Park was built over part of the Vauxhall site.

> Yesteryear is compiled by John Buckledee, chairman of Dunstable and District Local History Society.