Yesteryear: Picturesque Luton cottage axed for new houses

This much-photographed cottage, known by the peculiar name of Why-Ax-Ye, stood in Park Road, Luton, near the junction with Traps Lane.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 8th February 2015, 12:00 pm

When the building of houses took place in 1925 the name Traps Lane was changed to Cutenhoe Road, which was thought to be more appropriate for an expanding town.

The Why-Ax-Ye cottage was then no longer in its isolated rural setting and was demolished to allow development to take place.

Just beyond the cottage was the entrance to Luton Hoo Park. Originally a lane ran from the park gates westwards along the estate boundary.

This was the original Traps Lane, so-called, perhaps, because of the traps laid by poachers, or possibly the man-traps laid for poachers.

It was closed in 1858 and a second Traps Lane was created further along Park Road to replace it and it was this one which was eventually changed to Cutenhoe Road.