Jubilant Reynolds thrilled by York Hall triumph

Jordan Reynolds lands a punch at York Hall
Jordan Reynolds lands a punch at York Hall

Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds was in a jubilant mood after beating Daniel Woledge for an English title at York Hall over the weekend.

The Lutonian, who was declared a unanimous winners on points, said: “I was going into that fight as an underdog on paper as he as been on GB and WSB squads for ages.

“It was a big win for me not just because it was for an English title, but for the reason I sparred him few years back at West Ham and he got the better of me.

“So beating him the way I did was such a great feeling.”

On how the bout went, Reynolds added: “The first round I went out and controlled the centre with my jab being smart and clever, not taking any risks.

“I was counting and unloading on him with some eye-opening shots but didn’t go over the top until near the end of the round. His left hand started to drop so I flicked a jab out to blind him as a crunching overhand right landed flush on his chin and put him on the floor.

“He just about got up and was on survival bound, as soon as the ref said back to boxing I jumped on him and he was saved by the bell.

“In round two, he came out all guns blazing as he needed to win that round knowing he was a big round down.

“We traded some big punches but I had to be careful as I didn’t want to get carried away and expose myself to get caught will a silly shot.

“He recovered very quick and showed why he is up there with some of the best. I carried on working the body to slow his pace down and finally his hands lowered and I got him with a check hook as he came in and his legs dipped and just got up.

“For the last 30 seconds I was catching him with some big shots as he was moving around holding on just to survive and he did a great job doing it, as that’s where his experience came in.

“In round three, I went out there and just enjoyed myself. I got told not to rush anything, if the knockout comes it comes, just move and have a easy day in the office.

“So I stayed back, boxed, countered him and won unanimous.”

Meanwhile, Reynolds was quick to praise his supporters who made the journey to York Hall, adding: “The Luton crowd was going crazy throughout the match, it was like being at a Luton game. The fight was voted best fight of the night as well.”