Magnificent seven impress for Luton Diving Club

The Luton Diving Club Talent Games team with coach Kirsteen Mitchell
The Luton Diving Club Talent Games team with coach Kirsteen Mitchell

A team of seven from Luton Diving Club headed to take part in the Swim England Talent Games at the John Charles Sports Centre in Leeds earlier this month.

Skye Fisher-Eames, Hannah Brockie, Tilly Rollinson, Alfie Whytock, Jorden Fisher-Eames, Caitlin Maytham and Lyra Guise Tucker made the trip with coaches Stephen Hewat and Kirsteen Mitchell

The talent testing covers a range of physical and technical activities including a floor routine, physical aspects, dry springboard skills and pool using 1m, 3m springboard and platform boards.

A total of 73 divers from 14 clubs were tested over the weekend and the best are invited to join the Swim England Diving Team Z.

First up were the girls on dry land where Lyra Guise Tucker took first place, Hannah Brockie fifth, Caitlin Maytham 10th, Tilly Rollinson 18th and for Group E, Skye Fisher-Eames was first.

In the pool, the girls continued their winning streak with Caitlin finishing first, Lyra second, Hannah fifth, Tilly 28th and Skye second for Group E.

All results are combined and the final outcome for the girls saw Tucker first, Maytham third, Brockie fifth, Rollinson 24th and Fisher-Eames second for Group E, as the top six are invited to join GB Team Z.

The boys were next and in the dry land results, Alfie Whytock finished seventh and Jorden Fisher-Eames fourth.

Pool skills saw Alfie fin first and Jorden fifth as the combined results meant Fisher-Eames was fourth and Whytock seventh.

Jorden will join Skye, Lyra, Hannah and Caitlin on the zone camps, as coach Kirsteen said: “It was brilliant to see all the Luton divers doing so well at Talent Games.”

“They all worked extremely hard to be selected and it is fantastic to see that their hard work and dedication has been rewarded with excellent results both in dryland and pool.”