Rollinson scoops gold for Luton DC in Southampton

Fine dives: The Luton DC members at the Southampton Invitational Meet
Fine dives: The Luton DC members at the Southampton Invitational Meet

Luton Diving Club took a team of 10 divers to compete at the 16th Southampton Invitational Diving Competition held at The Quays in Southampton.

With coaches Megan Bush and former diver Annie Thomas, they performed exceptionally well to make nine finals, as they were up against Elite and GB Elite members.

Amy Rollinson, National Age Group champion for 2017, also made three finals scooping gold for 3m and bronze in the platform events.

Brother and sister Nat and Grace Connolly rose to the occasion both diving well in their prelims and qualifying for the finals, Nat for 3m springboard and Grace Platform and 1m where she confidently found her place on the podium claiming bronze in girls Group B.

James Pollard, competing at the first Invitational for the season, completed seven dives from platform, 3m and 1m fighting it out for a place in the finals.

For divers Isabelle Munns, Chloe Hackett, Max Hill and Hardie Roberts it was their first time at an Invitational event.

Coach Bush said: “They all dived extremely well competing new dives across all boards.

“This is an amazing 
experience for them all competing at an invitational competition, alongside Elite divers, and a great opportunity to gain competition experience.”

Joshua Bush dived well in the prelims coming third, third and fourth going on to compete in the finals for boys Group D for 1m, 3m and Platform events.

With tough competition, he just missed out on a medal but exceeded his personal best by 16 points.

It wasn’t over yet either as Katie Cripps, competing in Girls Group B, narrowly missed out on qualifying for the finals but claiming a personal best on the 3m board by an astounding 18.9 points.

Overall Luton DC went on to come sixth in the team points table too.

The team are now training hard to compete at the 30th Luton Challenge competition to be held at their home pool at Inspire, taking place on between Friday, November 24 - Sunday, November 26.