Strike 06 boxer Mehmood beats Keast to win National Youth Boxing title

Victory for Lutonian in the ring
Saqib Mehmood celebrates taking the decisionSaqib Mehmood celebrates taking the decision
Saqib Mehmood celebrates taking the decision

Luton boxer Saqib Mehmood has won the England Boxing National Youth Development Championship at 60-64kg.

The 18-year-old, who represents Strike 06 Boxing Club, had 18 fights in total before claiming the title at Banbury, with 16 wins and two losses.

To be crowned champion, Mehmood had four fights week after week, before the semi-final bout, where he defeated his opponent on a 4-1 decision.

He then fought the next day against Tamworth’s Sam Keast, securing the win on a split decision, by producing an excellent technical performance against an experienced and taller opponent.

Mehmood only took up boxing in 2018 to keep fit but found himself stepping in the ring and showing a real talent for the sport.

He has since been to Poland four times and took part in fights representing England.

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted the Luton boxer as gyms were closed and there were no competitions or fights being held.

Luton boxer Saqib MehmoodLuton boxer Saqib Mehmood
Luton boxer Saqib Mehmood

After picking up injuries in his time away from the ring, Mehmood returned to the gym, showing real desire to bounce back with coach Filip Zebere and has set his sights on becoming the next champion fighting out of Luton.

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