SWIMMING: Best yet for Team Luton

Team Luton SC
Team Luton SC

Team Luton Masters have achieved their best ever results in the UK Men’s Team Decathlon, breaking into the top 20 for the first time to finish 14th.

Their previous best performance had been in 2013, when they were 23rd, but this time around, Team Luton amassed a total of 14,555 points compared to the 12,468 recorded last time out.

For the team competition, the four highest individual swimmers from the individual decathlon are amalgamated.

Team Luton’s highest individual rankings came from Graham Powell (59) who finished 46th nationally with 4,501 points and Alastair Gibb (54) in 87th place with 3,951 points.

Dave Wright (53) managed 3,405 points and Paul Clarke (72) achieved 2,698.

The decathlon competition points are also used as the basis for the Bedfordshire Masters Individual Championships and in that competition, Powell has finished second, Gibb fourth and Wright eighth.