SWIMMING: Dunstable SC are flying at Eagle Meet

A small team from Dunstable SC recently attended the Modernian SC Golden Eagle Meet held in Bletchley.

Ellie King
Ellie King

This was a Level 2 gala with some quick qualifying times needed as DSC achieved some fantastic new PBs, plus a fine collection of medals with one gold, five silver and four bronze ensuring 16th place overall on the medal table.

Full Results


U11 200m Freestyle: 2, Ryan Roberts, 2.46.59mins, PB.

Boys 13yrs, 50m Breaststroke: 3, Sam Mead, 37.38secs, PB, new regional time. 50m Freestyle: 5, Sam Mead, 30.58secs. 50m Backstroke: 4, Sam Mead, 36.04secs, PB. 100m Breaststroke: 3, Sam Mead, 1.23.69mins. Final: 8, Sam Mead, 1.24.56mins. 100m Freestyle: 5, Sam Mead, 1.06.37mins, PB. 200m Freestyle: 6, Sam Mead, 2.23.25mins, PB. 200 IM: 5, Sam Mead, 2.43.39mins, PB. 200m Breaststroke: 5, Sam Mead, 3.03.64mins.

14yrs, 200m IM: 6, Sam Mead, 2.43.12mins, PB.

15yrs, 50m Butterfly: 3, Michael Flanagan, 30.63secs, PB.

O16, 100m Freestyle: 6, Alex Neeson, 1.00.28mins. 200m Freestyle: 2, Alex Neeson, 2.08.45mins. Final: 8, Alex Neeson, 2.10.37mins. 200m IM: 5, Alex Neeson, 2.32.25mins. 200m Butterfly: 1, Alex Neeson, 2.26.86mins. Final: 2, Alex Neeson, 2.28.28mins. 400m Freestyle: 3, Alex Neeson, 4.35.10mins, PB. 400m IM: 4, Alex Neeson, 5.20.56mins.


11yrs, 50m Breaststroke: 11, Rhianne Carrick, 47.97secs, PB. 50m Freestyle: 8, Rhianne Carrick, 35.56secs, PB.

12 yrs, 50m Butterfly: 4, Kinga Popow, 37.79secs, PB. 50m Freestyle: 6, Kinga Popow, 32.54secs. 100m Freestyle: 6, Kinga Popow, 1.13.63mins.

O17 50m backstroke: 2, Emma Yule, 31.90secs, PB. 50m Butterfly: 4, Emma Yule, 31.43secs. 50m Freestyle: 2, Emma Yule, 27.95secs. 100m Freestyle: 4, Emma Yule, 1.03.45mins. Final: 4, Emma Yule, 1.02.70mins.

Meanwhile DSC’s Ellie King was competing at the Leicester Open over the same weekend where she gained a new PB in the 200m freestyle and a new club record in a brilliant time of 2.12.20mins.