10-year-old Luton drummer appears in front of millions on Steve Harvey's hit US show

Geneva London was also praised by percussionist Sheila E

Friday, 6th November 2020, 2:21 pm
Updated Friday, 6th November 2020, 2:23 pm

A 10-year-old drummer from Luton has been praised by American percussionist Sheila E when she appeared with the star on Steve Harvey's show in the US.

Geneva London, who has been playing the drums since her seventh birthday, was invited onto the American TV host's show - Steve on Watch - after he saw her playing the drums online.

This was Geneva's first interview on American TV and Steve Harvey surprised her by giving her the opportunity to meet one of her drumming inspirations Sheila E.

Geneva appeared Steve Harvey's show and he surprised her bringing on one of her drumming inspirations Sheila E (C) STEVE on Watch

During the show Steve Harvey welcomes Geneva, and her dad Eugene Jordan, onto the show and the 10-year-old cannot stop smiling when talking to the American TV host.

When Steve asked Geneva who was the better drummer, her or dad - who is also a drummer - she said "me, it's me" without hesitation.

But her dad did agree with her answer, he said: "She's right though Steve, she does play much better than I do. the funny thing is that a year into teaching her all that I know and I was like I can't go any further because that's it I've taught you everything I know.

"So my wife and I started to Youtube different stuff and we had people from across the world reach out and a few of her mentors showed her a few things."


Eugene added: "When people like yourself, and other people, reach out and say 'hey, we see what you see in your child', that means the world to us."

Steve asked Geneva to play a set on the show and then asked her who her favourite female performer was, and after revealing that it was Sheila E, Steve brought her onto the show too, leaving Geneva speechless.

Sheila E said: "First, let me tell you, you're amazing, I've been following your for at least two years already, and I love the way that you play and your relationship with your dad, your parents, and I think your dad has taught you well.

"You remind me of me and my dad, you're incredible. I love the joy, when you're playing, you're smiling. To play and visually show the joy and accenting and moving, you're incredible, I'm so excited to finally see you and meet you, via zoom, but kind of in person.

"She's already famous, we've all been sharing her videos and she's got tons of celebrities who are amazing musicians and artists following her as well, and I think she's on a great path.

"As long as she stays humble, listens to her parents, does her homework, and stays in that placed of being grateful, as soon as this whole thing is over, I'm coming to London to come jam with you."

Geneva said: "I really want to say thank you for coming, and I was speechless the whole way through because I did not know what to say, it was that exciting."

Geneva started playing the drums shortly after receiving her very own drum kit for her seventh birthday and just four months later she found herself performing in front of 150 people at her grandads 60th birthday party.

Geneva began to practice drumming along to songs in her bedroom and it was not long before videos of her grooving to her favourite songs were spotted online, receiving praise from celebrities and top-tier musicians.

Geneva said: "The show was amazing, it was really exciting. They contacted me about appearing on the show, he shared one of my drum covers on his Facebook and Instagram stories.

"We did the interview via zoom and I was shocked to see him on the screen.

"We spoke about my journey and why I got into drumming, and he surprised me with an appearance from Sheila E. I couldn't believe it!

"I also played the drums live on the show."

The 10-year-old wants to be a multi-instrumentalist and one day she wants to be able to produce her own music and TV shows.

She said: "I would like to play the bass, the keyboard, the guitar, there is no limit, I want to be a multi instrumentalist -there's no limit!

"The big goal is to use my talent to inspire others to do what they love and find their talent and play their own way.

"Play Your Way means be yourself, find your passion and move to your own beat!"

To watch the video, click here. For more about Geneva, visit: iamgeneva.com.