Luton Poet Laureate represents Great Britain at Switzerland’s Europawäldli project

Luton Poet Laureate Mary Emeji was invited to represent Great Britain in Swiss national museum Kunst und Kultur im Landessender Beromünster on October 22.

Saturday, 9th November 2019, 11:48 pm
Mary (middle) planting a Yew tree with Swiss arts director Ulrich Suter (left) and artist ‘Wetz’ (right).

Mary presented poems from her latest book, The Island, which marked her 10th year as an author (of eight books), and the Swiss audience were much inspired.

The Luton poet had been invited to the museum as part of the Europawäldli project, which aims to encourage artists around Europe to share ideas and celebrate each other’s work.

She then planted a tree to signify the long standing arts and cultural exchange between Switzerland and Great Britain.

Mary stands ready to recite her poems.

Mary said: “It’s lovely to be back in Switzerland; I like to say Sweetsland because the chocolate is amazing! I enjoyed reciting my poems and planting the tree for Great Britain. I look forward to many more years of arts and cultural exchange.”

Swiss arts director Ulrich Suter, who started the Europawäldli project in 2014, said: “I was pleased that poet laureate Mary Emeji from UK joined us at Beromünster and helped to plant the Yew tree for Great Britain. The reading of her poems was very well received.”

Mary was also the international guest poet for Swiss arts festival Seetaler Poesiesommer in August 2018.

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