Music producer Night Wolf on the hunt for fresh Luton talent

A music producer from Luton who has travelled the world is searching for upcoming artists who can collaborate with him on new projects.

Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 10:00 am

Ryan Wilcox, 33, who is known by his artist name Night Wolf, composes music for film, TV, games, and the commercial industry, working for Italy’s Flipper music and Deneb Records.

The former South Luton High pupil is now based in Northampton, “bouncing back” between Luton, Bedford, MK and London, and is looking for fresh talent to join him on his journey.

Ryan said: “I am looking to work with up and coming artists, and mainly looking for singers and rappers to work with on new projects, and come on ones already completed but with vocals needed.

Night Wolf’s adventures. Contact:
Night Wolf’s adventures. Contact: [email protected]

“It would be great to find active singers/songwriters and rappers who create their own material and like to work with new and different styles.”

Ryan produces a wide range of genres; mainly electronic based with elements of classical, hip hop, modern, and old infused. He has travelled to places including Germany, China and Vietnam.

He said: “I am also creating a documentary on my travels country by country called Song Of Travel.

“I take a small midi keyboard with me and get people I meet along the way to play something; at the end of each country I make one song out of the recordings.”

Meanwhile, Ryan is working exclusively on albums being sold to Flipper Music but has recently signed with three non exclusive library’s called JMP Management (UK), Twelve Tones (Hungary) and Story Blocks (USA).

He was also touched by a recent use of his work.

He said: “I had my music used for a TV channel in Denmark (DR2) for an interview/documentary with Greta Thunberg on her global climate change movement. It is little things like this that are heart warming for me, seeing it used for such good causes.”

Now, Ryan is focussed on being a talent scout, organising live shows, and his new album Night Wolf Version 5, as well as planning a public studio.

He said: “I really hope to meet a future team of reliable people and make a family walk in the same shoes to achieve something special in music.”