Nightlife: Rewind to the late 90s for this top hit

The legendary Artful Dodger is coming to Luton on Saturday, June 25. The original Beach resident DJs Nigel Clarke, Johnny G, Syuss, Dom C and Bryan C have put together this night which will simply be added to the Luton history book!

Friday, 3rd June 2016, 5:00 pm
Artful Dodger

Artful Dodger (pictured) is an English garage band based in the city of Southampton which became famous through its 2 Step hits, and gave Craig David’s career a boost after he appeared on their hit ‘Rewind’ back in December 1999 which reached number two in the national charts.

The band originally consisted of Mark Hill (born December 22, 1972 in Cwmbran, Wales) and Pete Devereux, but Devereux left prior to the release of the single ‘Twenty Four Seven’, and Hill continued from then on to produce ‘Twenty Four Seven’ by himself under the same moniker.

The UK garage act now comprises MC Alistair with producer and DJ Dave Low.

The event will be held at The Edge Nightclub in Park Street, Luton. Doors open at 11pm. Tickets will cost £12 available from the Brewery Tap, or more on the door.

Room one will feature the Beach resident DJs, Nigel Clarke, Johnny G, Syuss, Dom C and Bryan C, whilst room two will have an underground house flavour with DJ Paks, Dean Anthony, Reverb and Call Me Kay .

Don’t miss this event, it will be packed.

Early bird tickets will be on sale this Friday (June 3) at the Brewery Tap with the legendary Bryan spinning US house and garage.