Ideas plea to save Luton’s libraries

Petition to save Wigmore Library with cllr Diane Moles
Petition to save Wigmore Library with cllr Diane Moles

Luton People’s Assembly has called on the public to support the campaign to save libraries in the town by giving ideas on ways the closures could be prevented.

Funding cuts of £600,000 have resulted in plans to reorganise the Luton library system.

However, following a petition of more than 10,000 signatures, Luton Culture has asked for ideas as to how closures could be avoided.

Luton Culture and Luton Borough Council prefer option one, which would mean Sundon Park and Wigmore libraries closing, along with the mobile service and no reduction in Central Library opening hours. The council are due to meet on Tuesday, September 10 to discuss the future of library provision in Luton.

Mark Dee Smith, chairman of the Luton’s People Assembly, said: “The team that emerged from the proposed closures have done an amazing job, collecting over 10,000 signatures mainly from shoppers in the Wigmore area.

“It would be fantastic if some of those who signed the petition could come down to Luton Town Hall at 6pm and support the campaign,” he added.