Big cast for ‘new’ Les Mis version

The cast get ready for the show
The cast get ready for the show

Little Theatre, Dunstable

ACT Company - who have a reputation for staging a diverse range of theatrical productions to a high standard - has assembled a large cast from across Bedfordshire and beyond.

Director Alan Clarke said: “The play follows the same plot-line as many will know from the musical, but there are characters and aspects that were in the original novel that audiences may not be aware of.

“Our adaptation stays faithful to the Victor Hugo novel and we felt that audiences would like to see a play version of the story. It has been a huge challenge to adapt such an epic book and condense it in to two acts but we are confident we have a thrilling evening’s entertainment in store for anyone who comes to see the production.’

ACT Company will be staging a total of six performances running from Monday July 27 to Saturday August 1, nightly at 7.45pm at the Little Theatre, Dunstable.

The show is set in 19th-century France, when Jean Valjean, who is pursued by the relentless Inspector Javert after breaking parole, makes a new life for himself but then agrees to care for factory worker Fantine and her daughter, Cosette. The decision changes their lives and those of many others for ever in a story suffused with intrigue, love, loss, redemption, defeat and glory.

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