Comic Stephen K Amos visits Luton

Stephen K Amos
Stephen K Amos

Uplifting stand-up comedian and broadcaster Stephen K Amos is back from his world tour and returns to Luton next month.

His new show, Bread and Circuses, is described as “aiming to cheer us up, for a moment, and try to help us forget what a mess the world finds itself in right now”.

The title derives from ancient Rome, where the people were given cheap food and plentiful entertainment –‘panem et circenses’ or ‘bread and circuses’ - to distract them from politics.

Stephen said: “The way I’m looking at it is that the world now is one big crazy circus. And circus was one of the earliest forms of entertainment to keep the masses appeased in the same way that we have all these crazy distraction techniques now.

“One of the biggest TV shows of the year is Love Island –if that’s not a major distraction technique I don’t know what is. And also I was looking at the phrase ‘let them eat cake’ as we live in a world with artisan types of cake and bread and no one is eating the regular bread any more. What was once a staple food of the poor has become £4 for a loaf.”

Stephen has been seen on Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled, BBC1’s Live At The Apollo and Have I Got News For You.

The show comes to Luton Library Theatre on Saturday, November 11.

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