Luton schoolgirl stars in final of CBBC's Step Up to the Plate


A determined Luton schoolgirl will be appearing in the final of CBBC's Step Up to the Plate tomorrow morning.

Charlotte Lovelock, 13, who attends Stopsley High School, has been taking part in the television competition, which challenges youngsters to run a restaurant.



The show stars Fred Sirieix and Allegra McEvedy, and Charlotte has been on their 'front of house' team, summoned to deal with difficult diners, lay the perfect table - and even create a new drink.

Charlotte said: "I was really surprised to be chosen for Step Up to the Plate, because CBBC get a lot of applicants.

"We did have some 'Difficult Diners' - who were all comedians - but they were very complimentary about the waiters, and I had the pleasure of serving Millie Innes from CBBC's Millie Inbetween.

"It was really good and she was really nice about us.

"We also had to make a drink and called it Step Up to the Sunrise. It was orange juice, ginger beer and grenadine syrup. We gave it to Angelica Bell and a professional restaurant critic - they quite liked it!"

Charlotte has had to battle through several rounds to get to the final, and has really enjoyed her team being mentored by the "very talkative" Fred.

During the heats, she was trained to lay a table, carry trays, take orders correctly, and deal with the 'Difficult Diners', who are comedians sent in to be deliberately fussy!

Meanwhile, during the semi-finals, she had to come up with a layout for the table and create a mocktail.

Now, the final episode will reveal if she is crowned champion of the four remaining children in the 'front house' team, while another champion will be crowned from the 'kitchen' team.

Mum, Dee Lovelock, 50, commented: "Fred said that if Charlotte was old enough to work in a restaurant, he'd be worried for his job!

"She started off quite quiet and focussed, and by the semi-final she had blossomed. We're really proud.

"I hope this inspires her to pursue acting - which is what she ultimately wants to do - but also to be a bit more adventurous in the kitchen.

"She's a good cook and made us breakfast pancakes, lunch and dinner yesterday."

The final will be aired on the CBBC channel tomorrow (August 30) at 9.30am, and repeated at 4.30pm.

Charlotte, who likes cooking spaghetti bolognese and baking brownies, added: "During the final, we will be serving celebs, who will be various cast members from The Dumping Ground.

"The show was filmed in an Indian restaurant in London, and the other contestants were all really nice - very friendly and very chatty."

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