Sheyla Bonnick releases inspirational album

Sheyla Bonnick has released an album to inspire others
Sheyla Bonnick has released an album to inspire others

A one time member of pop group Boney M has released a solo album to inspire and motivate others.

Sheyla Bonnick, of Leagrave, left the pop group in the 70’s, and has gone onto a career as a singer, songwriter, performer and published author.

She was one of the singers in the original line up of the group, but left shortly after the promotion for the first single, Baby Do You Wanna Bump.

She reconnected with fellow founding member Maizie Williams in 1990 and they toured together for ten years.

The singer worked with her husband and manager on her latest album, Look Beyond, which has a soulful sound to it.

She said: “My business manager, Maureen Hiro, came up with a genre called Matzar and some melodies which are completely different to anything I have heard.

“I tweaked her melodies and wrote the lyrics and my husband produced and arranged it.

“The album was made because I have always believed in justice and unconditional kindness as there is so little of that around, plus I believe in giving something back because I have been pretty blessed in life.”

Some of the songs from the album are being performed on her tour of Russia with the tribute band, Sounds of Boney M featuring Sheyla Bonnick.

Sheyla added: “The best thing about touring is seeing different parts of the world, sampling their dishes and cultures and I love the languages.

“The reaction to the album has been pretty good, I have even got testimonials from several people telling me how the message and melodies have uplifted them and changed their lives.

“One of my favourite songs on the album is Train To Freedom because it depicts both what is going on presently with asylum seekers and it has a kind of soul release theme.

“Look Beyond can be interpreted in so many ways.”

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